The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers free Liaison Officer services that provides tax support for unincorporated small businesses.

You can arrange to meet the The Liaison Officer in-person, or you can sign up to attend a group seminar.

What services are provided

(Source: Canada Revenue Agency – Liaison Officer service)

During an in-person visit, a Liaison Officer will:

  • Answer your tax-related questions and address concerns
  • Discuss common tax errors and financial benchmarks in the small business community
  • Provide information on various tools and services offered by the CRA
  • Offer to review your books and records, and provide recommendations on how to strengthen your bookkeeping system

During a seminar, the Liaison Officer will:

  • Explain common tax errors
  • Demonstrate how to use financial benchmarks for relevant industries
  • Provide information on the CRA’s services
  • Explain general bookkeeping concepts and best practices

For more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency – Liaison Officer Services on


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