I decided to start this blog to provide a resource for Canadian small businesses to help navigate the often complex tax requirements, record-keeping, and other compliance issues, and help you as a business owner to understand at a minimum what the basic requirements and obligations are for your business.

As a caution, the information provided on this blog is, and will be, of a general nature. It is provided for information purposes only, and it should not be, in any way, construed as advice that you should implement for your situation. Every business is different. For specific advice for your situation, you can contact us directly, or contact your accountant, lawyer, or your tax advisor.

About Me

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Ontario, Canada, and have been providing accounting services and tax support for individuals and small businesses in Toronto for over 6 years. I have worked in corporate finance and accounting for over 8 years, and in that time amassed a wealth of experience in helping businesses succeed.

So, what led me to this blog? Well, I often find that most small businesses wait until its too late to seek professional help for their business. A lot of business owners are either worried about the costs, and for some, they just are not aware of what is required, until the Canada Revenue Agency contacts them, at which point they may already be in trouble. Unfortunately this is the point when most businesses contact a professional to now try and fix issues at a higher price than it would have been if they had done things the right way the first time. Believe me, it costs way too much money, and too much time to retroactively plan for your business. So my hope is to provide some resources that will hopefully get your business started on the right path of compliance, and continue that way. You will be surprised how easy it is, and how much you can save yourself from a headache. It is such a waste for your hard-earned money to go down in penalties from non-compliance.


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